Racing lubricants

Power Steering Fluid

Formulated with very high performance synthetic and mineral based oils, this fluid from ETS Racing has been specially formulated to reach high anti-wear, anti-rust, anti-corrosion, anti-foam capacities as well as very high and low temperature behaviour.


Racing Gearbox Oil – SAE 80W90

PROSTROKE GR-1 from ETS Racing can be used in most gearboxes and transmission applications, either synchronised or not, using power shifting or simple dog systems. It is specially formulated for equipment where limited-slip or controlled power transfer devices are used and it provides smooth and efficient operations in all cases. It can also be used in axles where its strong and stable formulation gives excellent wear protection.

Racing Gearbox Oil – SAE 85W140

Especially suited for axles, ETS Racing’s PROSTROKE GR-2 can be also used in gearboxes and transmissions systems with critical wear and temperature in service. Its high viscosity provides excellent lubrication and wear protection properties where high load and severe operating conditions make regular products insufficient. Although not specially formulated for limited slip differentials, it can satisfactorily and smoothly operate in most such axles.