The history of ETS-Racing Fuels traces its roots back originally to the oil industry. The most important milestones in the development of the company are outlined below:


The company was founded in 1989 as ETS (ESSO Technologies and Services) at the site of the ESSO Research Centre in Mont-Saint-Aignan near Rouen, France in order to provide companies external to the EXXON group with the R&D capabilities available on-site. This affiliation imparted it with strong capabilities in the chemistry of petroleum products, especially fuel and lubricant formulation and analysis and also mechanical and engine tests to evaluate these same fuels and lubricants.


In 1997 ETS became an independent company


In 2002, due to rapid expansion, ETS was split up into 3 separate divisions: ETSA, ETSM and ETSP.

ETSA (Expertises Technologies et Services – Analyses) provided the analytical laboratories, maritime inspection and Safety.

ETSM (Expertises Technologies et Services – Mechanical) was responsible for engine tests and research, components, vehicles, drive train and on-site subcontracting.

ETSP (Expertises Technologies et Services – Products) specialising in formulation and manufacturing, customised special products, racing lubricants and fuels, test and reference lubricants and fuels, industrial lubricants and lubricants for metal working.


In 2005, ETSP set up its new manufacturing site located in Bourgtheroulde (south of Rouen) spanning 22,000 m2.


In 2007 D2T, a subsidiary of IFP technologies, bought ETSM.

ETSP created a subsidiary in the USA: ETS Racing, Inc. in Charlotte, North Carolina


ETSA was bought by Intertek Caleb Brett in 2010

ETSP created a subsidiary in Germany: ETSP GmbH.


In 2014, HCS Group completed the acquisition of ETSP.


Due to the many synergies ETSP had with the rest of the group, many of the test and reference fuels and lubricants as well as much expertise was encompassed into the Haltermann Carless brand.

ETS Racing Fuels remained as a separate brand with its full range of premium on the edge racing fuels and lubricants, continuing to be a leading supplier of racing fuels in many different motorsport disciplines.