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  • ETS Racing Fuels is a brand of HCS Group which has been established in April 2013, via the combination of the Haltermann business (founded in 1898) and the Petrochem Carless business (founded in 1859) – two of the eldest chemical companies globally
  • HCS Group is an Holding company for Haltermann Carless Deutschland GmbH, Haltermann Carless UK Ltd., Haltermann Carless France S.A.S, Haltermann Carless Belgium BVBA, Haltermann Carless USA Inc. and Haltermann Besitzgesellschaft GmbH
2014 Key Performance Indicators HCS Group
Revenues: EUR 600 million
EBITDA: EUR 42.3 million
Business Cash Generation: EUR 40.3 million
Volume: 624,000 t
Total employees: 480
  • HCS Group is a global network of state-of-the-art production facilities in the UK, Germany, France, Belgium and the United States
  • Operational model: is based on high flexibility to produce various speciality hydrocarbons. Excellent reliability of products and services along the process chain. Combining expertise in speciality chemicals and petrochemicals.
  • Market & Industry approach: From selected Megatrends (Urbanisation & Mobility, Knowledge & Information Society, Climate Change & Resource Scarcity, Demographic & Social Change) to five Industry Clusters (Automotive & Aviation, Exploration & Oil Services, Construction & Appliances, Life Sciences, Media & Electronics) – aligned to seven business lines
  • Technical approach: high flexibility in operation, supported by world-class and certified laboratories and technical teams providing application service.
  • Group was built from Haltermann Holding GmbH which acquired Haltermann business in May 2011 from Dow Chemical
  • April 2013 acquired 100% of Petrochem Carless Holdings Ltd.
  • June 2013 cooperation agreement signed with Grupo Petroquimico Beta of Mexico where HCS Group became the exclusive sales partner outside Mexico for hydrocarbon products from Grupo Petroquimico Beta
  • April 2014 joined in partnership with Finnish multinational oil firm, Neste Corporation.
  • January 2014 joined in partnership with Clariant and Mercedes to road test the advanced bio-fuel sunliquid®.
  • April 2014 joined in partnership with Finnish multinational oil firm, Neste Corporation applicable to solvent applications of isoalkanes from renewable resources. In June 2015 this was extended to renewable distillate products. Using its patented NEXBTL technology, Neste supply Haltermann Carless with renewable components, which are further processed into new, customised bio-products for various industrial applications.
  • In July 2014 the acquisition of the company ETS-P was completed. The company is owner of  the brand ETS Racing Fuels and is a technology and service provider specialised in the field of performance and racing fuels, plus tailor made lubricants for racing and testing applications.
  • In August 2015 the remaining 50% shares of Electrical Oil Services Ltd (EOS) were acquired from Castrol to make HCS Group the 100% shareholder of EOS. EOS is the UK’s leading supplier of electrical insulating oils (also known as transformer oils) and associated services to the electricity supply industry, the electrical engineering industry and energy-intensive, high voltage, industrial electricity users. EOS was formed in 1999 as a Joint Venture between British Petroleum (50%) and Petrochem Carless (50%).
  • In September 2015 acquired 100% of the shares of Shu-Chem Holdings Inc. in Manvel, USA. Shu-Chem is a manufacturer of selected alcohols and esters supplying the pharmaceutical and printing industries.
  • Innovation: Constant new product and application development, strong track record of developing products in partnership with customers using strong in-house technical expertise.
  • Nascent activities: With its EcoLine brand and the newly launched EcoLine product range, HCS Group has responded to the increased demand for “green” products and has expanded its portfolio accordingly. Thus, HCS Group can now offer products with a much reduced CO2 footprint.
  • Strong Brands: Haltermann Carless, ETS Racing Fuels, EOS
  • Major shareholder: H.I.G. Capital (Europe)
  • CEO and Chairman of the Board of Management: Dr. Uwe Nickel
  • Chairmann of the Board of Directors: Dr. Johannes Natterer
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  • Status: 24th January, 2016.